Why is it important to hire local Contractors?

1. Face-to-Face Communication Solves Problems Faster: Local contractors are able to have in-person meetings so that issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. This ease of access, in turn, offers peace of mind and allows business owners to avoid the hassle and frustration of miscommunication.

2. Travel Expenses Don’t Need to Be Added to the Budget: These trips are either charged directly or built into the bid. However, when you hire a local contractor, you’re working with people who have a short commute to the construction site and travel expenses are minimal.

3. Local Companies Have References You Can Count On: You will be able to see a wide range of past work and you can ask questions to previous customers to determine how the company handled problems or issues for past projects.

4. Locals Companies are Familiar with Municipal Regulations, Weather and Other Local Construction Issues: Commercial contractor rates are often higher than those of residential, because prices are driven by the need to comply with more regulations. By hiring a contractor who is used to working with the building codes and regulations in your area, you can avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

5. Small Companies are Held to Higher Standards by the Local Community: A local contractor‘s business, however, is built on its reputation. If they don’t deliver jobsite projects on time and on budget with minimal issues, word gets around fast, and companies won’t hire them. If they don’t treat subcontractors well, they can’t hire the best talent. If their projects run into building code and zoning issues, they’ll get more scrutiny from inspectors.

6. Your Money Stays in the Community: When projects stay local, more tax money goes to local infrastructure, and, on average, the companies involved donate 250% more to local non-profit organizations. This directly improves your business’s reputation and indirectly improves your bottom line.

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