Warranty Work for your A/C

I recently read a post on Facebook to Village Word of Mouth asking for an Air Conditioning Company Recommendation. I’ve seen these before and all the responses – some good – some bad. I personally messaged the poster and invited her to try Brown’s Arctic Air and of course, I told her all the great things we do to provide the best and most reliable, prompt service to all our customers at a fair and reasonable rate. She mentioned that she had a 2 year old system and thought she had to use the same company that installed the system to keep her warranty. I advised her that is not the case. We do handle all warranty work for all makes and models. She also said her family was left an entire week with no cool air when she needed a new evaporator coil. If we can help it, we do not leave anyone without cool air. If you have a system under warranty, we usually have to order the part from the supply house and have them overnight it or we go and pick it up so that we can get your system back up and running as soon as possible! Don’t put up with non-sense, if you feel you’re being scammed, you probably are. Check around, read the reviews, ask your neighbors and give us a call at 352-728-4990. Your Air Conditioning and Heating is our first and highest priority. We promise.

Most new air conditionings come with a factory 5 year warrenty from date of installation and if you register your unit, you get a extra 5 years making it a 10 year warrenty on your unit. We always register the equipment when we install the units. You should definately register your equipment once installed.

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