What is a Semi and Annual Check-out?

What is a Check-out:
A Check-out is a Preventative Maintenance(PM) Service that we offer so that in the heat of the Summer or the cold of the Winter, your Air Conditioner or Furnace will continue to run as efficient as possible.

Why do I need a Check-out:
We preform Check-outs in order to pin point and replace any parts that show worn or weak, so your unit doesn’t break down in the busiest, hottest or coldest time of the year.

When should I get a Check-out done:
Some people choose to have a Check-out every 6 Months to a Year due to when they will be in the home. Check-outs are very important in the life of a air conditioning.

Check out includes:
-Amps/Blower motor/Compressor/Condensing fan Motor: We compare rated amps(factory operating rate) to actual amps (what we compare with) if the amperage is higher then the motor is showing that it is having a problem operating, could be as simple as a capacitor or bearings going out in the motor.

-Blower Wheel: We Check the blower wheel to make sure it is free of debris and in good shape.

-Clean drain line: Most systems have what is called a safety float switch in them which will turn off the system when it is clogged.

-Clean drain pan

-Condensing coil: we check to make sure it isn’t restricted with dirt or debris and if so we clean it out using water. If there is a restriction it may cause your electric bill to increase.

Capacitors: We check capacitors to make sure their readings are within tolerance to make sure that the motor is operating properly.

-Contactor: We check to make sure that the points are in good shape and making a good connection.

-Evaporator: We check the evaporator to make sure it is clean because that is the air we breathe.

-Temperature: We check temperature from supply and return at the evaporator coil to make sure they are where they need to be, which should be a 18-20 degree difference.

-Electrical Connections: We check all electrical connections to make sure they are tight and secured.

-Filter: We Check the filter to make sure it is in good shape and clean. Dirty filters restrict air flow into your home.

-Furnace: During the heating season we check the burners and the color of the flame to make sure its burning properly. We also check all the safety cut-outs to make sure they are wired properly and have good connections.

-Induced Draft Motor: We check the induced draft motor to make sure it is running properly.

-Heat strip: We check the amperage to make sure they are functioning properly.

-Pressure liquid/Pressure suction: We check the refrigerant levels for the proper charge which is done by either super heat or sub cool depending on the metering device.

-Thermostat: We check the thermostat to make sure the batteries are good and the temperatures are accurate.

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