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“Hi, Just want to acknowledge Your Good Customer Service provided to me on March 3rd, 2020. Your technician represented your company well by exemplifying integrity, honesty and knowledge. He made a good impression with me on the first visit, and for those reasons I will do business with you in the future, and recommend your business. Thank you. Ricardo Bonnick”

Thank you, Ricardo! We appreciate you taking time to send us your feedback.

clogged drain

Float Switch and Drain Lines

We’ve had a lot of rain this past week. Alot of rain and a lot of condensation. We have come across many clogged drain lines and a couple that had air locks and not allowing the water to drain. We take a shop vac and put it on the outside drain line and let it run for a while to clear the drain line from the slim and sludge that gets built up inside the line where the water suppose to drain out. If it gets too much slime built up in the drain line, the water can not drain therefore it backs up into the system and causes the float switch to activate turning the unit off so that it doesn’t flood your home or garage or attic. It is important to keep this line clear. Do not use any chemicals in the drain, only warm water. Chemicals such as vinegar and bleach can cause corrosion in the coils which can then cause them to leak freon and have to be replaced. It is an expensive fix so just remember, keep your filters clean and your drain line clear and you will be good. Call Brown’s Arctic Air, 352-728-4990, for your regular annual or semi-annual check out and we will make sure the drain is clear among the other things we check on. If you happen to have an air lock, pour a gallon or two of water through the drain line to ‘burp’ the air out and allow the water to flow on through.

use a shop vac to clear the drain

City of Leesburg HVAC Rebates

Leesburg’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
As part of its Residential Energy , the Leesburg Electric Department offers rebates to residential customers for heat pump hot water heaters, and residential air conditioning systems. A licensed contractor must complete the work. Leesburg Electric residential customers are eligible to apply. Funding is limited. The customer or contractor must complete a rebate application for approval by the Leesburg Electric Department. The application must be submitted within 90 days of the work being completed.

City of Leesburg Energy Efficiency Rebate Program


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We appreciate your reviews. It helps others see how we rate in the field among our competitors. We strive to be the best we can be to bring quality service to you. Stay cool!

Don’t Become a Victim of Scam

Do your homework. Check the contractor license at and also check the BBB at

Ask your neighbors. Google them and check out there ratings. Many customers have been finding us on Yelp. Get to know your contractor. We at Brown’s Arctic Air, treat you like family. Bobby Brown has been in business since 2001 and we constantly get thanks, referrals, and good reviews. If something isn’t right, we correct it. We stand behind our work.

We’ve had scammers go tell people their compressors weak and should be replaced when it was a contactor they needed. We’ve come across plenty of ‘scare tactics’ people are using to sell you a new system. Don’t be frightened. Call Brown’s Arctic Air, 352-728-4990, and get a second opinion.

Do not let someone walk up to your home and offer to do a check out. Check them out first.

Thank you, Susan!

We received this in the mail today! Thank you so much, Ms. Carpentier, for sending this in.

Thank you, Candice!

Candice sent us a very nice email letting us know about the service she received. This is what she wrote:

” Hello …I recently had your company service my AC ..I have a home warranty company and they sent me a contact guy that I believe was trying to rip me off. He said I needed a new compressor . My warranty company would not cover it . I called your company. You guys were so nice, friendly and helpful. You send Phillip out with in a hour. Philip was so nice and fixed my issue with  in 10 mins and stated it was not compressor . From almost spending $2200 to $225 I am so grateful. It is nice to know that there are good people and company’s out there trying to help others. Thank you so much , and Philip is amazing. The best news is the warranty company is going to reimburse me my money back. “

WE APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH! We love to share it with all our customers. It is so very important to get a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion. If you don’t feel something is right, please call for a second opinion. 352-728-4990

Warranty Work

I recently read a post on Facebook to Village Word of Mouth asking for an Air Conditioning Company Recommendation. I’ve seen these before and all the responses – some good – some bad. I personally messaged the poster and invited her to try Brown’s Arctic Air and of course, I told her all the great things we do to provide the best and most reliable, prompt service to all our customers at a fair and reasonable rate. She mentioned that she had a 2 year old system and thought she had to use the same company that installed the system to keep her warranty. I advised her that is not the case. We do handle all warranty work for all makes and models. She also said her family was left an entire week with no cool air when she needed a new evaporator coil. If we can help it, we do not leave anyone without cool air. If you have a system under warranty, we usually have to order the part from the supply house and have them overnight it or we go and pick it up so that we can get your system back up and running as soon as possible! Don’t put up with non-sense, if you feel you’re being scammed, you probably are. Check around, read the reviews, ask your neighbors and give us a call at 352-728-4990! Your Air Conditioning and Heating is our first and highest priority. We promise.

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