What is the difference between the refrigerants R-22 and R410-A?

1) R-22 is being phased out by the Federal Government.
2) R-22 will become much more expensive in the future.
3) Manufacturers have known about the R-22 phase out for years. As a result, investments in newer, more efficient technology has been routed to the 410-A equipment.
4) R410-A is a colder refrigerant in the summer and hotter in the winter than R-22. This equates to better comfort and energy savings.
5) R-22 has already doubled in price this year and will double again by years end.
6) R410-A requires a higher level of training of installers. Best practices that have always been recommended by the refrigerant manufacturers are essential for the proper installation of R410-A equipment. Purging nitrogen throughout the system while brazing, keeping refrigerant lines sealed from outdoor humidity, making sure refrigerant lines do not come into contact with the structure, installing a sleeve where the refrigeration lines penetrate the foundation wall, and maintaining a downward slope to the outdoor unit to provide for a proper oil return to the compressor are just several examples.
7) R410-A requires a much higher level of training, certification and tools for a proper installation.

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