Thank you, Kevin, for calling and letting us know!

Your Name: – Kevin

Your Message: – I would like to compliment the service I received from Brown’s. I am disabled and when my AC went out, I called my son John of Philberts Handyman services. He called Brown’s and a very polite young man named Phillip arrived and went to work. What he did was amazing, we had a coil grate that was so clogged with hair and mold it was black and nasty.When he was done it shined like new silver! he then charged the freon and voila I was cool once more. I highly recommend Brown’s AC the service was fast, the tech very polite and knowledgeable and the rates reasonable. A+

Kevin called the office as well as went to the website, he went the extra mile to let us know just how pleased he was with the service he received. He informed us that Phillip was very polite, very courteous, and very knowledgeable and he will highly recommend Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc. to everyone!

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