Thank you, Hamid M.

Hamid gave us a 5 star review on Yelp:

wow. wow, to the service, work, and professionalism. the first quote i got from JBC Repairs for $900 + materials my second quote from Harris Air Conditioning for $500 + materials brown’s arctic air quoted me $85/hr + materials. it ended up being one hour of work, plus one pound of refrigerant, and even though i was charged for two hours (because they didn’t charge me a service call fee, or transportation, or because the visit might have lasted for one hour fifteen minutes, or a combination of these) my invoice came to $215 that’s a fifth of the cost of the quote from jbc, and less than half from harris i like harris. they’re my go to. but now harris can be my backup, and brown’s can be my go to, not just because of the money, but because brown’s arctic air turned on my unit when other companies wouldn’t because: the location was outside their service area, they don’t do that type of work- testing & charging new systems, or, because other companies will not work on systems that they didn’t install and for good reason. with three indoor units, each having a gas line and a liquid line, with a connection at the compressor and a connection at the inverter, that comes out to 12 connections that are possible sources of error, and other companies don’t want to have to deal with that bottom line is that my a/c is working flawlessly, he showed me how to program the indoor units, and for a very reasonable cost.

Thank you, Hamid, for taking the time to post a review on Yelp! We encourage people to shop around and make sure you are getting a good quote for good, reliable companies. I’m glad you kept looking and found us. We love our customers and do our best to repair and service their air conditioners.
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