Thank You, David Chiodo

Good morning, Brown’s Arctic Air

I was encouraged to say some words about the service that Phillip Croup provided me yesterday, and other years when he has helped in the installation of my two systems and provided maintenance to them.

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when one of your systems “goes down”. In reality, it did not break, it shut itself off to prevent a major water flooding inside of my house. The drain system had plugged up causing the system to automatically shut itself down. YEAH!

I had forgotten that he had instructed me on that safety feature a few years ago when he helped install the unit. So, now I know, and hopefully I will not forget about that in the next few years. ….(forget?, forget what??).

As for the service call, he had one system to “repair”, and both systems for annual maintenance. I was happy that he was on time – almost to the second, and that he had called ahead letting me know he was coming. However, I knew that he would call, and that he would be here as close to the scheduled time as possible. This I knew from previous years experiences with him.

I like Phillip’s attitude, his appearance, and the way he conducts himself while in my house. He presents himself as being trustworthy, which allows me to feel comfortable about him being in my house when I have to be elsewhere.

His work was thorough and clean. Even in this muddy weather, he, somehow, did not leave any muddy footprints anywhere in my house, nor did he leave any unclean spots on any of my systems, or furniture, or door frames, or anywhere else.  

He knew what tools were needed for each part of his work, so he did not have to bring in a ton of extra tools and have to “drape” them over my floors or furniture.

I like his work – you can tell that he enjoys the work he does. And, I like Brown’s Arctic Air as a company. I highly recommend them, and Phillip, to anyone who is wondering ‘who to call’.

David Chiodo

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