Testimonial Received from Randy C

Your Name: – Randy C

Your Message: – I am currently in Ohio and found I had a problem with my A/C in Florida (electric bill). Never used anyone there, as I’ve never had a problem. Started research for a reputable company, settled on Brown’s. Called and asked if I needed to be there? “not if you have someone who can let us in” Gave Bobby the name and number, then in about two minutes I called to let him know Bobby would be calling. He had already called and said they would be there within the hour!! 2 hours from first call the unit was diagnosed and repaired! AMAZING – I used to be in customer relations for a major company, not easily impressed, Technician John and the whole company meet and exceed this customer’s expectations!! Thanks Randy C.

THANK YOU, Randy! We love hearing from our happy customers. We very much appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your testimonial. We hope we can be of service to you for many years to come.

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