Summer is Around the Corner, Time to Prepare Your AC Unit

June 20th marks the official start of summer! Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up in and around Florida, it’s important to give your air conditioning unit some attention. Thankfully, there are some easy yet helpful tips on how to better prepare your system for the months ahead. Our team at Brown’s Arctic Air, recommends the following to make sure your unit will operate at its best during Florida’s Summer.

Change the Filter – First and foremost, change that filter! Although this is a topic that we often talk about, it’s an easy way to increase the efficiency of your AC unit. Layers of built-up grime, dust and dirt cause your unit to work even harder to circulate the cold air throughout your home. Make sure to not only change your filter between seasons but every 30-60 days to help cut down on wasted energy. If you need assistance in finding the right filter for your unit, our team is happy to assist.

Check on the Duct-work – If your home uses a forced heating system, your duct-work is utilized for your central air. While chances are high that your duct-work is operating as it should be, it’s never a bad idea to quickly check your duct-work to see if you can find any leaks or holes that need to be replaced. This small act of preventative maintenance can provide you with peace of mind all summer long.

Clean the Condenser & Coils – Buildup on the AC condenser can significantly impact the airflow coming out of your AC unit, so cleaning it is very helpful in ensuring that it runs smoothly. Also, make sure to clear away any debris that is surrounding your unit so there aren’t any blockages.

In the case that your air conditioning unit needs more serious maintenance before the start of summer, our team at Brown’s Arctic Air is ready to help! Contact us today with any questions that you may have. 352-728-4990

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