HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners.

We love our pets. They are our consistent company, our best friends, and even our running buddies. However, with pets comes the shedding and dander. Pets are an addition to the mindful equation of how to keep your HVAC systems at home working efficiently. Many people don’t realize how much a pet can affect your HVAC. It’s important to take care of your pet, like grooming and bathing, in addition to keeping your HVAC system running properly (for example, changing filters).

These maintenance tips will be sure to help with the success of your HVAC.
Check and Change Filters – Pet dander is tiny particles of dead skin that leave the body of your bet and become airborne in your home. The floating dander gets caught in your filters. Very yuck! Eventually, the dander will block the air conditioner’s airflow and eventually stop working. However, the air conditioner is still running, so you will get a bill, but no cooling results. This is not ideal. Change your air filters regularly and if this isn’t possible, you should be purchasing higher-quality filters.

Groom Your Pets – You can save yourself the maintenance (or not as frequent filter changes) by grooming your pets. Did you know that your pets are more likely to shed more in the warmer weather than during wintertime? It’s important to get into the habit of bathing your pet routinely. Groom them enough that they are comfortable year round and in turn, keep your HVAC system from inhaling pet hair and dander. Removing dirt, grease, and allergens from your pet will kelp keep said factors away from your HVAC system. In addition to making your pet happier and healthier, you’re also allowing your HVAC system to have a longer lifespan.

Clean, Clean, Clean – Pet dander is a major allergen. It can be found in our homes, Always use natural or fragrance-free cleaning products to improve your air quality at home. Pet hair and dander clog air vents. Vacuuming the floors? Try to use the hose attachment and vacuum around your air vents. The hose will most likely catch a good amount of hair and dust. In addition, clogged air ducts lead to viruses and bacteria. We recommend getting an AC duct cleaning service for your ducts because professionals are more likely to successfully clean all areas.

HVAC Filter Upgrades – Just like breeds of pets, there’s a variation of HVAC filters. If you have a pet, your home will benefit from an HVAC filter with a higher MERV rating. This will produce a more efficient function. While most residential areas will have a MERV rating of 2, having a pet changes this. A MERV rating of 8 and up will work the best in your home filled with pets. If you need help deciding which HVAC unit to upgrade to, reach out to us at Deljo Heating & Cooling!

Checking For Exposed Wires – We know how much our pets love chew toys. Especially when they are just a few inches from their mouth—easily accessible. The exposed wires on an HVAC system can turn into a snack for your pet. No matter how trained your pet is, you can never be too careful. Also, destroyed wires mean a non-efficient HVAC system. Enclose the wires in conduits to keep your pets save and your air conditioning running smoothly. For outdoor units, build a fence barrier to keep your pet from playing too close. If there is a minimum 3-foot clearance around the unit, your HVAC equipment will continue to work well and your pet will not be able to destroy it.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat – We can’t say it enough: invest in a programmable thermostat. When you have pets, this could be the best way for you to save money while also keeping your pets comfortable while you are away (at work, on vacation, etc.). When you aren’t home, programmable thermostats still allow you to lower, raise, or turn off the temperature settings in the house. Check out some great programmable thermostats that could work well for your house and lifestyle.

While this list is just guidelines, we hope that you take it seriously as a pet owner. With summer just around the corner, it is important to have a well-maintained air conditioner. Helping clean both your pet at the units will allow for a cool summer and comfortable indoor quality.

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