Float Switch and Drain Lines

clogged drain

We’ve had a lot of rain this past week. Alot of rain and a lot of condensation. We have come across many clogged drain lines and a couple that had air locks and not allowing the water to drain. We take a shop vac and put it on the outside drain line and let it run for a while to clear the drain line from the slim and sludge that gets built up inside the line where the water suppose to drain out. If it gets too much slime built up in the drain line, the water can not drain therefore it backs up into the system and causes the float switch to activate turning the unit off so that it doesn’t flood your home or garage or attic. It is important to keep this line clear. Do not use any chemicals in the drain, only warm water. Chemicals such as vinegar and bleach can cause corrosion in the coils which can then cause them to leak freon and have to be replaced. It is an expensive fix so just remember, keep your filters clean and your drain line clear and you will be good. Call Brown’s Arctic Air, 352-728-4990, for your regular annual or semi-annual check out and we will make sure the drain is clear among the other things we check on. If you happen to have an air lock, pour a gallon or two of water through the drain line to ‘burp’ the air out and allow the water to flow on through.

use a shop vac to clear the drain

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