A new filter from the store will work in my HVAC system, won’t it?

Just because a filter is available on store shelves and advertised as longer lasting and more efficient doesn’t mean it is appropriate for your furnace. In order to properly select a filter for your home HVAC system, you need more information than most filter manufacturers provide at your local supermarket or hardware store. For example, if the average consumer sees an advertisement that says “increased efficiency” on the filter box, they immediately think the operating cost for using the filter will be reduced. However, in most cases they would be wrong.

If an ad reads “increased filter life due to pleated design,” buyers might also assume that the filter will last longer than the standard one that came with the furnace. Again, that may not be true. The truth in the filters’ advertising is based on the definitions used by filter manufacturers for designing and evaluating filters. The bottom line is buyer beware.

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